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Behold The Infinity Token, the world’s very first NFT worth $. Inevitably, the initial thought in your luscious cerebrum is, “how could something be worth infinity, an unquantifiable value?” Well, why is anything worth anything at all? The concept of value is nothing more nor less than a societal construct. For instance, place into your left hand a $1 bill, and then place into your right hand a $100 bill. Both are equally sized, thin sheets of paper lacking any striking signs of otherness besides a different white man’s portrait and a slight variance in design. So I ask, WHY is one sheet considered 100 times more superior than the other? Perhaps…could it be…because we are told this to be the truth, and we collectively choose to believe this to be the truth? If so, then is it not equally logical to believe that this very NFT displayed before you is worth an infinite quantity, or at least any quantity that you want it to be?

If you’re still here, then would you care to play a game? Acquire this NFT, and then resell it for whatever price your succulent-self desires. The only other rule of the game is that you must repost the NFT with the URL to this website in the description. Permitting the cycle to cease represents the forfeiture of our free will to institutions that use the same concept for the sole purpose of manipulating society. Once a paradox is created in the system, the threads of the system will unravel. However it is quite important to clarify that this is not propaganda for a state of anarchy, but simply a wake-up call to question the utilization of imposed value as a means to sustain corruption. Villainy is not exclusive to one side of the political system and if you believe that to be so, then I am afraid to inform you that you are part of the problem. Do not let yourself become a facet of the gullible folk, the herd easily swayed by the black and white media. Perceive this as an opportunity to transfer some authority back to the individual, and that level of power will be determined by how far you decide to take it. As a wise scholar once said, “to infinity and beyond.” 


However, if one does allow the cycle to cease and the NFT is not resold within 30 days of purchase, we will resurrect it by releasing a subsequent version. Please visit the bottom of this site to view the updated version number along with its corresponding OpenSea link. Unfortunately, despite the fact that cryptocurrency allows for the emancipation from the government's financial regulations, it would not be morally correct to disregard the consequences of the blockchain. To elaborate, the entirety of the crypto exchange imposes negative effects on the atmosphere due to the high amounts of energy required for the chain to continuously proceed. This environmental harm is exacerbated by those participating in the blockchain to an extreme degree such as those who power crypto mining machines for profit. Additionally, these mining machines require multiple GPUs to function which unfortunately resulted in a worldwide shortage of the devices. This also triggered a shortage of resources required to manufacture GPUs such as silicon. This inevitably affects many more industries than crypto, ultimately triggering a widespread negative impact on the economy. This is why for every resale of The Infinity Token, 5% of the royalties will be contributed to an environmental-based organization to help counteract the damage that crypto inflicts onto our ecosystem.


Perhaps the blockchain can evolve to a point where it is fueled by an energy source that does not translate to extreme carbon emissions, and that is the paramount goal of this project. All who participate in the cycle will be eligible to vote at the end of the year for which specific charity to send forth the revenue. Ultimately, what is the point of exerting energy on anything at all if we do not even have a planet that is going to sustain us for the long term?


Click Here - August 2022 v1 Link





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